Classes/Healing Therapy:

Hatha Yoga: 

Our Classes are based on Ashtanga Yoga. We teach postures connected to the breath, gaze, and alignment of the body. You will learn how Yoga postures will help you to be healthy, strong, and flexible. It will support the daily activities you already have. Our classes are suitable to support students of different ages, levels, and conditions.


Lakeland Village Community Center

16275 Grand Ave, Lake Elsinore,  CA 92530

Prices: $10 drop-in or $40 Monthly

Monday 7:30 PM

Ashtanga Yoga 

Wednesday 7:30 PM,

Ashtanga Yoga 


My Home Studio! $15

Please call me to schedule these classes




Healing Therapy Price $50:


I don’t like to use the word healer. I use healing techniques to help others. I am originally from Brazil, but traveled around the world, and seeing and know different cultures helped me to see that we are absolutely the same when comes to spirituality. The approach might look different, but the heart of healing is the same. It does not matter if it comes from a Shaman, a Reiki Master or a “curandeiro in Portuguese” which means healer. I put together several techniques to be used in this holistic session. I also use the knowledge of Yoga in this technique. On the physical level will drain your lymphatic system for a better circulation, and at the spiritual level will relax your mind. Kansa tool for facial and body relaxation, plus series of stretching exercises that will make your body feels completely relaxed. You will be lying on the floor, but in a soft one! Text or call me to schedule 818-746-5481 





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