1 - My Yoga is a way to share happiness!

November 11, 2016

I wanted my first post to be about Yoga and Happiness because I believe they go together. Yoga came to my life several times, but I was JUST not prepared to do it. I connected Yoga to my life in a moment of pure sadness, and I tried to find in Yoga and meditation a way not to go deep into depression. I literally found happiness at a gas station. Are you laughing?  I have to thank my friend Barbara Estevez for being there at the right moment doing what she calls "my service" selling incenses to help her community. Look how adorable she is. I love her with all my heart.


My main message is: all of us find ourselves in some kind of sad moments in our lives. However, we have to look literally inside, breathe deeply, and find some kind of release in anything that could help us to overcome the sadness. In my case, I lived a sad moment for three years, but Yoga was my kind of release valve.  


I would like to hear that more and more people find happiness in whatever subject they find themselves happily doing, but if you want to add another thing to your list, add Yoga practice. The most important action of Yoga on your body is flexibility. Yoga increase the flexibility on your muscles and joints. Start with Sun Salutation every day. Remember that takes only 1 (one) minute to finish, and if you do it 5 times, it is 5 (five) minutes only.  :) Yoga makes you feel alive in the morning, and besides a physical exercise, Yoga is a mind/body exercise that makes you feel instantly energized and happy.


We can't talk about happiness without understanding sadness. We can't cover up sadness with a false happiness.


Right now, at this moment, writing this to you, I am looking outside my kitchen door and I can see a beautiful day today in California. Happiness is just outside my door and inside my heart, but it is there because the way I see it, I perceive it, can you see it too? You might see my photo and not notice anything special. You might look to your cat, dog, child and feel happier. Just the fact that you look without judging, it is just enough to make you feel happy, isn't it?



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